Marketing Culture – 6 Steps To Survive Online

The culture of the marketing industry is a very dynamic and interesting culture to be in. There are specific steps you need to take before you dive right into the marketing culture so that you have a clear path ahead of you. Today I will give you six steps that will serve as a guide to help you not only survive the marketing culture, but succeed in it if you are willing to stick to it and work your butt off!


Vision is the first and most important step to be successful in the marketing culture.  You need to know your “WHY”, why do you want to be in online marketing?  Let me give you one thing you should not say,

marketing culture

“money” I say that because money buys you things, now what are those “things” you want, a car, a house, a vacation on an island, whatever it is write it down. Once you have written it down, post it somewhere you will be able to see it everyday, a good tactic that I learned was to create a little card that can fit in your pocket. That way every time during the day you reach your hand in your pocket, it will remind you to think of your vision and goals. Alright now think about what you are going to market and “WHY” you are going to market it?  Does it help people lose weight, does it help people start an online business, etc? Make sure whatever you are marketing it is more valuable then what you are receiving in return for that product.


Set up a system for yourself. Create a task list of what you are going to do daily, for example: connect with people through facebook, write a blog post, talk to people about your business opportunity, help someone get started, etc.  Having something laid out in front of you will help you get through your tasks quickly, that way you won’t get distracted with the internet and you can focus all of your energy in completing these task to reach your goals.


Education is an important step to take and I would highly recommend doing it for at least 30 minutes a day.  You have to invest in yourself in order to become better at what you do.  Education can include reading from a leader in the market you are focusing on or listening to an audio file teaching you how to DO something.  Now education doesn’t stop there, when you learn something from that 30 minutes a day, IMPLEMENT it into your daily system, TAKE ACTION.

Leadership Development

What are the leaders in your market doing? Listen to the leaders in your market and take notes! Leadership development and personal development is key to staying on task and succeeding in this marketing culture. People follow leaders and you want to be that leader in order to be successful in your business.  Personal development is just as important, your mind will tend to drift away or become “lazy” or “scared” that you won’t be successful, but with personal development you will get past the humps and stay true to your vision. Success is not given it is earned with consistency!

Live Your Dream

marketing cultureLive your vision, whatever you set out to do, just do it! This will take consistency and your system is there to help you with that.  You might get frustrated if your not making money in whatever you are doing, but keep going! Some people need to see it to believe it, before they join your business or buy your product.

Develop Relationships With Leaders

Connect with leaders in your industry or company. These leaders and the community will help you grow your business because in the end, it’s about the people and the connections that are being made.  The product will always be there, but without establishing relationships with those leaders you are missing out on experience and missing out on the chance for yourself to develop into a leader.  Remember, people follow leaders.

If you are looking for an opportunity or need help with your online business feel free to add me on skype (info is below). If you are interested in what I’m doing and want to connect with me and the leaders I work with, I will personally work with you to help you with these 6 basic steps in marketing culture and have success in this dynamic online culture.

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