Marketing Culture – 6 Steps To Survive Online

Tweet The culture of the marketing industry is a very dynamic and interesting culture to be in. There are specific steps you need to take before you dive right into the marketing culture so that you have a clear path ahead of you. Today I will give you six steps that will serve as aContinue Reading

Is Starting An Online Business Safer Than Your Job?

Tweet This is a pretty cool info graphic I found and the original source can be found HERE Enjoy =).   If you enjoyed today’s post please ‘like & share’ this page so someone else can benefit from it! Corey Brown Skype: coreybrown_44 PS: Take that step RIGHT NOW, free yourself from the life youContinue Reading

Paid Traffic Is King And Free Traffic Is Not!

Tweet Hello everyone and today I wanted to talk about paid traffic vs free traffic.  Now if you’re new to network marketing and you just got into a program that cost say $50 upfront to join or some kind of monthly fee, most of the time the training that they give you will focus onContinue Reading

Network Marketing vs Corporate America – The Truth

Tweet Today I am sitting at a conference in Denver, Co and listening to all of the leaders in the engineering industry I am a part of.  All I can think about is how most of these people spent all of their lives becoming experts in the field and still are working for a company,Continue Reading

Consistent Marketing Is Like Working Out Everyday

Tweet Being consistent and dedicated to marketing is the key to success and I love comparing this to working out.  I remember when I was a junior in college and I weighed 145 lbs and I wanted to bulk up a little bit and get stronger because I was tired of being a tooth pick.Continue Reading

Calling Leads In 5 Painless Steps

Tweet Calling leads can be a person’s worst nightmare.  If you’re new to network marketing you might be thinking about giving up right now if you ever have to pick up the phone. I was the same way the very first time I had to call a lead, I was nervous, my palms were sweaty,Continue Reading

Now Is The Time To Believe In Yourself

Tweet Now Is The Time So a lot of us look at the famous athletes, actors, actresses, millionaires, billionaires, etc and think “They are so lucky and I could never accomplish what they have achieved”.  Now why do we think that way? Why do we think that one human being is superior to another?  SomeContinue Reading

Noob Guide To Online Marketing

Tweet I think this a AMAZING info graphic to online marketing shared by “unbounce”.  It really goes into pretty good detail on the different aspects of online marketing, check it out it’s for noob and intermediate marketers! Unbounce – The DIY Landing Page Platform     If you enjoyed today’s post please ‘like & share’Continue Reading

How To Write A Persuasive Blog Post [Video]

Tweet Today I created a video blog about persuasive blog writing to attract your targeted audience. Just a quick recap over what the persuasive blog video covered. Write like you talk Tell Stories Tell your target audience the “what” and not the “how” to increase your subscribers and increase your sales Inspire them Plug yourContinue Reading

Don’t Be Limited By Fear, Conquer It Once And For All!

Tweet I want to talk about fear.  What is fear? According to the Webster dictionary fear is to be afraid or apprehensive. Some synonyms to fear are bother, worry, fret, fuss, stress, and trouble. So I bet you are asking, “OK I know what fear is but what does this have to do with anything?”Continue Reading